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David Marshall


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I have been involved in the Volkswagen and Audi scene for as long as I have been driving. In the last 15 years or so I have been mainly interested in Adventure travel with all sorts European vehicles. I have driven both military and civilian vehicles from that Faun Kraka to the Steyr Percheron. Recently I have also been getting seriously addicted to BMW GS motorcycles completing trips to the Arctic on both the Dempster and Dalton "highways" as well as countless miles of British Columbia back roads and highways. During the summer of 2014 my wife Ingrid I set out on a life changing Honeymoon Adventure across Canada where she was diagnosed with cancer and we are fighting that battle to this day.

I originally started my Volkswagen parts and services business in 1997. I then incorporated in 2000 and rapidly expanded into importing collectible Volkswagens from both Europe and Japan. I sold parts for just about every aspect of the Volkswagen Vanagon and did wiring harness and engine conversion work for both retail and military sectors.

In 2008 I took a sabbatical from Volkswagen work and dissolved my incorporated company so that I could focus on my personal life, family and career in Information Technology with the Quesnel School District.

Starting in 2011 I continued Fast Forward Automotive as proprietorship and narrowed the scope to deal with mainly engine conversion products that I build and develop at my workshop that I call Hasenwerk. After twenty years of business, I can still take time for myself and my family and have a smaller customer base that I can serve with all the attention and care they need.

As I have many things going on in my life there are several ways to contact me. Phone calls are not always the best way to contact me during "9 to 5" business hours as I am usually busy with other things, however I am always able to answer emails within minutes of getting them or connect with you on a Google Hangout instantly.

Fast Forward Automotive contact Information:

Email - the best way to contact me!
G Suite (Google Docs | Hangouts etc.)

I am usually online from 06:00 to 21:00 Pacific Time
Phone Numbers (15:00 to 21:00 Pacific Time)

I really do prefer email or Google Hangouts!
Phone: 1 778 764 0139
Toll Free: 1 844 FST FWD 1
iNum: +883 5100 0119 8295
Mailing address Fast Forward Automotive
4356 Quesnel-Hixon Rd
Quesnel BC V2J 6Z3
Due to their predatory brokerage fees, we will not accept any shipements from FedEx or UPS.
Business Hours Fast Forward is not a retail store!
Customers may visit by pre-arranged appointments only.