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Hasenwerk Universal VSS

Speedpuls CV

Speedpuls CV

This Hasenwerk Universal VSS comes with cable and speed sensor. Everything is water proof!

The Hasenwerk Universal VSS shown installed on a Volkswagen Vanagon.

A Vehicle Speed Sensor or VSS is a device that is used to measure the speed of a vehicle's speedometer, axle or drive shaft rotation. It works by sending a series of pulsed signals to the engine's computer, speedometer, cruise control system etc.

This Vehicle Speed Sensor is a universal fit for most vehicles. It is designed to be mounted next to a CV Joint, Universal Joint or Drive Shaft and reads from the bolts as they go past.  No magnets are required to install - just the ability to position it with 4mm spacing from the CV bolt or other rotating metal object is the only thing required!

To assist installation and troubleshooting, the Hasenwerk Universal VSS has an internal LED that will blink when the hall sender inside is activated by the metal going by. Please note that this will not work with stainless steel or aluminum bolts or bolts that a magnet will not stick to.

As this speed sensor is a universal speed sensor, the output frequency may not be correct for the input device. Most Volkswagen / Audi devices want to see 1Hz per km/h as an input frequency (100km/h = 100hz). Ford Ranger / Explorer speedometers 100km/h = 140Hz, etc. In order for the input speed to be 100% correct you will need to format it with a signal processor such as the Hasenwerk VSS Korrekt or similar.

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This is a short video showing our Premium Universal VSS in action on a 2001 Ford Ranger.

Useful formulas

Vehicles with a divorced differential and drive shaft.
Example vehicle: Ford Ranger with 235-75-15 = 691 rev per mile. 3.73 final drive and four bolts on the universal joint.

Tire Revolutions Per Mile / 60 * Differential Ratio * Universal Bolts = Frequency at 97 km/h (60 mph)
691 / 60 * 3.73 * 4 = 171Hz (76% too high)

Vehicles with a transaxle.
Example vehicle: Volkswagen Vanagon with 215/65-15 tires with 768 revolutions per mile.

Tire Revolutions Per Mile / 60 * CV Bolts = Frequency at 97 km/h (60 mph)
768 / 60 * 6 = 77Hz (21% too low)

Installation Manual

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Universal VSS in Suzuki Samurai
Universal VSS installed Suzuki Samurai