Electrical Hardware

CAN Gateways

What is CAN Bus? CAN (Controller Area Network) bus is a modern, digital way of connecting devices in your vehicle. For example, in most 2006 and later Volkswagens, speed information is relayed to the Engine Control Unit from the Anti-lock Brake System controller via (and only by) the CAN bus.  Information from the Engine Control Unit to the Speedometer is also only relayed by the CAN bus.

In order to have these newer motors function correctly, we need to convert the digital CAN signals to conventional analog signals and vice versa.


CAN2DASH by Fast Forward Automotive

This is perfect for Pumpe Duse, Common Rail, 1.8T, VR6, and TFSI ECUs that do not have conventional wired outputs for:


If you don’t see your engine here, please email us at support@fastforward.ca to see if it is compatible. 

Purchase Link: CAN2DASH

User Manual: CAN2DASH

UDS2DASH (Better Imaging Coming Soon)

UDS2DASH by Fast Forward Automotive

The UDS2DASH converts UDS signals into conventional wired outputs for:


User Manual: coming soon!

We're looking for BETA testers!

Please Email us to order!

Signal Processors and Converters

Tachometer Converter

Tachometer Converter (Digital to Analog) by Fast Forward Automotive

This converter enables a traditional coil-driven tachometer to use a 5 or 12V square wave signal generated by modern ECUs and hall sensors. 

Compatibility: Pre 1993 Volkswagen, Pre 2000 Toyota, Suzuki, Jeep, and many more!

Purchase Link: Tachometer Converter

User Manual: Digital to Analog Tachometer Converter

Logic Converter

Logic Converter by Fast Forward Automotive

This is a “NOT gate” or inverter circuit. When the Input is 12V, the Output will be 0V. When the Input is 0V, the Output is 12V. 

This is useful for synchronizing the brake inputs or inverting clutch pedal signals that may be reversed from what the ECU expects when working with swap vehicles.

Compatibility: Universal

Purchase Link: Logic Converter

User Manual: Logic Converter


Tachotronic by Fast Forward Automotive

Tachotronic calibrates Tachometer, Speedometer, and other speed inputs with the turn of a screw!

Purchase Link: https://shop.fastforward.ca/tachotronic

User Manual: https://download.fastforward.ca/tachotronic

Hasenwerk Two-Wire Cruise Control Adapter

Two-Wire Cruise Control Adapter

The Two-Wire Cruise Control Adapter adapts modern "two-wire" Cruise Control button systems for use with Volkswagen ECUs that use separate ON|OFF, SET, RESUME, and CANCEL inputs.


- Toyota Pickup, 4Runner, and most other models.- Ford Ranger / Explorer and most other models.- Jeep

Price: To Be Announced 

We are currently in the test mule phase of this adapter. 
Estimate release date March 2023!

Email us to be put on the waiting list. 

Hasenwerk Two-Wire Cruise Control Adapter

2006+ PWM AC and Radiator Fan Converter

Allows modern PWM AC compressors (most 2006+ VW engines) to work on older vehicles with an ON|OFF style electric clutch.

This is also compatible with PWM radiator fans as well!

Compatibility: Most 2006 and later motors.  BRM, CBEA, CJAA, etc.

Purchase Link: PWM AC Converter

Vehicle Speed Sensors

A Vehicle Speed Sensor or VSS is a device that measures the speed of a vehicle by reading the speedometer, CV joint, Universal Joint, drive shaft or similar rotation and converting that motion into electrical signals that read by the the engine's computer, speedometer, cruise control or similar system.

Most Volkswagen Audi Group product before 2006 want to see a speed input ratio of 1Hz to 1km/h. In other words, at 100km/h (62mph) the input frequency for a speedometer or Engine Control Unit needs to be 100Hz. 2006 and later vehicles use CAN bus to communicate speeds to the ECU.

If the VSS is going to be used to only for Cruise Control or Engine Management purposes 100% accurate speed isn't necessary as they need to know if you are moving and if so, are accelerating, decelerating or maintaining a constant speed. If you are looking for 100% accurate measurement for speedometer use then a signal calibration unit may be necessary as well.

Hasenwerk Universal VSS

Universal VSS 

This is a simple, IP67 waterproof, universal Vehicle Speed Sensor for most vehicles with CV joints or a drive shaft. One pulse per bolt - no external magnets are needed. This video details an example installation.

This sender can also generate a tachometer signal if you are running a full mechanical configuration or a 2006 and later engines with no discreet tachometer signal coming from the ECU.

Compatibility: Universal

Purchase Link: Universal VSS

User Manual: Universal VSS 

SpeedPuls VSS

SpeedPuls VSS

The SpeedPuls VSS is switchable between 5V and 12V outputs. Has a status LED that illuminates when a valid signal is detected and is a direct fit for most 1982 to 1999 Volkswagen and Audi Speedometers. The 4P model generates four pulses per cable rotation and the 8P generates 8 pulses. Works with both Volkswagen and Subaru ECUs.

SpeedPuls 4P = Vanagon Syncro / MK1 / MK2 / MK3

SpeedPuls 8P = Vanagon 2WD 

Compatibility: Volkswagen, late MK1 / MK2 / B2 / B3 / Vanagon / Vanagon Syncro

Purchase Links: SpeedPuls 4P, SpeedPuls 8P

User Manual: SpeedPuls Series of VSS


TACH2VSS by Fast Forward Automotive

This ties the Tachometer output to VSS input and eliminates the need to have an external Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). This is useful for Fast Idle for cold weather warm-up, Winching, PTO, etc., and makes installing cruise control so much easier!


Purchase Link: TACH2VSS

User Manual: TACH2VSS