Simplification Hardware

Simplification Hardware

ALH EGR Delete Kit, other kits appear similar

EGR / ASV Delete Kits

Bypass your faulty EGR/Anti-Shudder valve. This aluminum kit also features a convenient boost measuring post.

ALH - Price: C $80 / US $60

BEW - Price: C $90 / US $70

BHW - Price: C $90 / US $70

BRM - Price: C $90 / US $70

2L Common Rail - Price: C $100 / US $75

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Simplified Coolant Flange

Simplified TDI Coolant Flange

This is the ultimate coolant flange for 2000 and later TDI motors. It offers

  • The lowest profile for firewall clearance on north-south TDI installs

  • Conventional hose clamps for the radiator and heater outputs.

  • No fitting going down into your transmission adapter.

  • Standard TDI coolant temperature sender fitting.

Simplified Coolant Flange: C $50 / US $38

Simplified Coolant Flange with New Temperature Sender: C $70 / US $53

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BHW Balance Shaft Delete Kit

BHW Balance Shaft Delete Kit

The 2004 to 2005 Passat 2L "BHW" motor has one fatal flaw. It's oil pump has a design flaw that will cause it to have abnormal wear and fail catastrophically . Back dating the oil pump to the ALH/BEW deisgn resolves this issue.


  • 1x oil pump gear

  • 1x oil pump

  • 1x oil pump sump

  • 1x silicone sealant

  • 1x oil sump o-ring

  • 1x engine baffle

  • 1x oil pump chain

  • 1x oil orifice plug

  • 1x chain tensioner

  • All required fasteners

BHW Balance Shaft Delete Kit: C $400 / US $300

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