Sending Payments

There are several ways to pay Fast Forward Automotive for their products and services.

Please note that if USD or EUR is on your invoice, it is for reference only, we only accept payment in Canadian dollars.


We accept Canadian currency only and only in person. Sending cash in the mail is a really bad idea!

Interac e-Transfer - no fees!

Canadian and some international customers can send Interac e-Transfers with no additional fees. Our address for Interac e-Transfers is - remember the CA at the end! We have Direct Deposit setup, so no password will be needed.

Wise - lowest fees for all involved!

For American and International Customers, Wise has the lowest fee method of sending payments.

  • Go to

  • After you login / register, click Send Money at the top left.

  • Your currency will be at the top, ensure that CAD is selected at the bottom.

  • Ensure that the "Recipient gets" is equal to the invoice amount.

  • Click Continue

  • Use the email address:

  • Full Name of Account Holder: Fast Forward Automotive

Recipient's address

  • Country: Canada

  • City: Quesnel

  • Address: 4356 Quesnel-Hixon Road

  • Postal Code: V2J 6Z3

  • Province: British Columbia

Bank details

  • Select: Interac

  • Interac registered email: (remember, it's .CA and not .COM!)

  • Click Confirm


Almost everyone is familiar with PayPal, but it does cost us 3.9% plus a service fee to accept money and an additional 3.9% to refund money. To cover those charges we apply a 4% surcharge to all PayPal transactions. We only accept Canadian Dollars for payments, US dollars on our invoice are for reference only.

  • Goto:

  • On the drop-down menu, select CAD (Canadian Dollars)

  • Enter the invoice amount

  • Enter information in the note, so that we know who you are (customer name, invoice date)