Wire Harnesses

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Stand-alone Wire Harness for TDI, 1.8T, TFSI, and BMW Diesel

Numerous Applications

Heavy Duty Cables with Permanent Connection Information
Example Harness: 2004 BHW harness built for a Toyota 4Runner

How do I order a custom, Made to Measure, Stand Alone Harness?

What Assembly Options do we have?

Most people ask us to make the simplest and most efficient harness possible. This is all customized for you! These are some of the options we can do!

Advanced Options!

Mark from Michigan - AHU / Vanagon harness

I received the wiring harness last week and all I can say is WOW. This thing is quite a sight to behold. I am really impressed with your craftsmanship and attention to detail with these harnesses. I can't wait to get it all wired up to the TDI engine! 

Kyle from British Columbia - ALH / Samurai harness

I was impressed with the wiring harness and the turn around time to get it done. I liked the simplicity of your system and that is was easy to install. 

Bob from California - BEW / Jeep harness

Thanks I got it today! Definitely looks great! Beautiful. That upgrade to the relays, attention to wiring, terminals.. is superior to anything I've seen, ever! Totally impressed....

Tyler from New York - ALH / Toyota harness

Shoutout for David Marshall at Fast Forward Automotive. Received my ALH harness today, and it sure looks amazing. Looks better than a factory engineered VW harness. Also a modified harness diagram, labeling all circuits in harness like a factory manual. Couldn’t be happier!!!

Jeremy from Washington - ALH / Ford Ranger harness

Received my harness today! Have to say this is one of the best swap harnesses I have seen, we’ve done quite a few swaps and out of all of them probably one of the best quality ones we’ve seen, my coworkers were almost jealous of how nice it is, thank you so much!!! 

Blake from Alberta - Common Rail / Toyota Pickup

The truck is running incredibly well!!!!!  Thank you again for your hard work and dedication! I’ll recommend FF to anyone I know!