Transmission Adapters

Transmission Adapters

TD Conversions Transmission Adapter (Ford Ranger / Mazda B Series shown)

NW Fabrication Works

These adapter features alignment pins in the stock locations to ensure a perfectly centered fit. These TDI adapters are clockable, which means you can install the engine at different angles in the engine compartment. This helps with clearance issues and assists in keeping the turbo at the correct angle.

The TDI engine adapters are 2" thick which spaces the engine away from the vehicle firewall and helps with vacuum pump clearance. The Kit includes the TDI 6061-T6 Billet engine adapter, appropriate 6061-T6 Billet transmission plate, as well as a Hardened Crank Adapter, High Torque Mini Starter, and hardware.

These adapters fit all 1.9L and 2L TDIs. Adapters are not transmission specific; they make the back of the TDI "look" like the back of the engine that the TDI is replacing. Most adapters can be used with automatic or standard transmissions 2WD or 4WD.

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Transmission and Flywheel / Flex Plate Adapters with Starter

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Universal Engine Mount Kit

  • TDC19-4000-K - Universal Engine Mount Kit

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Universal Frame Mount Kit

  • TDC19-4010-K - Universal Frame Mount Kit, Hydraulic

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KEP 3600 with Stage 1 Clutch

Kennedy Engineered Products

Transmission Adapter Plate and 228mm Flywheel are designed to use standard Vanagon clutch disc and pressure plate with original input shaft. Includes fasteners and pilot bearing.

  • KEP3600 - 1995 to 2005 TDI into Volkswagen Bus \ Vanagon

  • KEP3650 - 1995 to 2005 TDI to Volkswagen Bus \ Vanagon

Price: C $700 / US $520

KEP Stage 1 Vanagon Clutch with Stock Clutch Disc and Throw Out Bearing. Good combination for TDI Power up to 135hp.

Price: C $450 / US $340

KEP Stage 2 Vanagon Clutch with Organic Disc and Throw Out Bearing. Good combination for TDI Power up to 170hp.

Price: C $500 / US $375

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